Learning analytics beyond the LMS : enabling connected learning via open source analytics in 'the wild' : final report.

Lead Institution: Queensland University of Technology

Project: ID14-3821

Over the past decade we have witnessed a proliferation of new technologies involving an increasingly sophisticated use of data. In education, the field of learning analytics (LA) is one such example, seeking to explore how the analysis of student data can bring new insights into the learning process...

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Institution(s):Queensland University of Technology
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Sydney
University of South Australia
Main Author(s):Kitto, Kirsty
Lupton, Mandy
Bruza, Peter
Mallett, Dann
Banks, John
Dawson, Shane
Gasevic, Dragan
Buckingham Shum, Simon
Pardo, Abelardo
Siemens, George
Published: Australia. Dept of Education, Skills and Employment 2020
Online Access: https://ltr.edu.au/resources/ID14-3821_Kitto_Report_2020.pdf