Having the Hard Conversations : Strengthening pedagogical effectiveness by working with student and institutional resistance to Indigenous health curriculum : final report.

Lead Institution: Flinders University

This fellowship proposed a coherent program of activities, developed in partnership with existing national and international collaborators, to clarify and work through these barriers. The fellowship generated and refined a framework of educational strategies to aid the emergence of self-reflective,...

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Institution(s):Flinders University
University of Notre Dame
University of Manitoba
University of Queensland
University of Otago
University of Hawaii
Provincial Health Services Authority of British Columbia
Children’s Hospital Oakland (California)
Main Author(s):McDermott, Dennis
Sjoberg, Dave
Lawless, Angela
Mackean, Tamara
Ward, Cheryl
Harding, Laurie
Paul, David
Lavallee, Barry
Tervalon, Melanie
Jones, Rhys
Bond, Chelsea
Pitama, Suzanne
Kamaka, Martina
Kaholokula, Joseph Keawe'aimoku
Published: Australia. Dept of Education 2020
Online Access: https://ltr.edu.au/resources/FS14-0209_Flinders_McDermott_FinalReport_2020.pdf