Interpreting employability in the veterinary context : a guide and framework for veterinary educators.

Lead Institution: Murdoch University

Project: ID15-4930

The aim of this work is to provide guidance on how to interpret and apply the construct of employability in the context of veterinary education and policy. Since employability has scarcely been examined in the veterinary context despite its emerging importance in higher education, this guide is inte...

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Institution(s):Murdoch University
University of Queensland
University of Adelaide
University of Sydney
Washington State University
University of Nottingham
University of Edinburgh
Main Author(s):Cake, Martin
Bell, Melinda
Cobb, Kate
Feakes, Adele
Hamood, Wendy
Hughes, Kirsty
King, Eva
King, Laura
Mansfield, Caroline
McArthur, Michelle
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Published: Australia. Dept of Education and Training (DET) 2018
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