Classroom of many cultures : co-creating support curriculum with international community partners and students : final report.

Lead Institution: Macquarie University

Project: SP14-4605

The recent proliferation of international work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities, community-based service learning (CBSL) placements and other community-embedded positions in the tertiary education sector has diversified the ways in which university students in Australia gain intercultural exp...

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Institution(s):Macquarie University
Arbitration Council Foundation (Cambodia)
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Deaf Development Program (Cambodia)
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PACOS Trust (Malaysia)
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Restless Development (India)
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Main Author(s):Downey, Greg
Lloyd, Kate
Bilous, Rebecca
Hammersley, Laura
Rawlings-Sanaei, Felicity
Amigo, Maria
Gilchrist, Samantha
Baker, Michaela
Coffey, Eryn
Published: Australia. Dept of Education and Training (DET) 2018
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