What should I study? : Improving tertiary pathways by improving support for prospective students : final report.

Lead Institution: University of South Australia

Project: ID15-4808

The reasons why students withdraw from studies during their first year are complex, and undoubtedly unique for every student. Prospective students who do not know what they want to study are more likely to enrol in a program that is not meaningful to them and thus end up withdrawing–or they may not...

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Institution(s):University of South Australia
Flinders University
University of Adelaide
Main Author(s):Mills, Julie
Weber, Delene
Westwell, Martin
Barovich, Karin
Parks, Andrea
Published: Australia. Dept of Education and Training (DET) 2018
Online Access: https://ltr.edu.au/resources/ID15-4808_Mills_Report_2018.pdf