(Re)Claiming social capital : improving language and cultural pathways for students from refugee backgrounds into Australian Higher Education : final report.

Lead Institution: University of Newcastle

Project: ID15-4758

In the past two decades, Australian universities and schools have received increasing numbers of students from refugee backgrounds (SfRBs). This project comprised three sub-projects undertaken by the three partner institutions: The University of Newcastle, Macquarie University and Curtin University....

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Institution(s):University of Newcastle
Curtin University
Macquarie University
Main Author(s):Fagan, Seamus
Baker, Sally
Irwin, Evonne
Dantas, Jaya
Gower, Shelley
Singh, Sonal
Taiwo, Mary
Published: Australia. Dept of Education and Training (DET) 2018
Online Access: https://ltr.edu.au/resources/ID15-4758_Fagan_FinalReport_2018.pdf