Assuring learning and teaching standards through inter-institutional peer review and moderation : a user guide and handbook.

Lead Institution: Griffith University

Project: SP10-1843

This User Guide and Handbook is an outcome of a project funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) entitled 'A sector-wide model for assuring final year subject and program achievement standards through inter-university moderation'. This project addressed the Tertiary Education Q...

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Institution(s):University of Western Sydney
Charles Darwin University
Queensland University of Technology
Griffith University
Australian National University
La Trobe University
University of Melbourne
Macquarie University
Main Author(s):Krause, Kerri-Lee
Scott, Geoff
Aubin, Kate
Alexander, Heather
Angelo, Tom
Campbell, Stuart
Carroll, Martin
Deane, Elizabeth
Nulty, Duncan
Pattison, Pip
Probert, Belinda
Sachs, Judyth
Solomonides, Ian
Vaughan, Suzi
Published: Australia. Office for Learning and Teaching 2014
Online Access: /resources/SP10_1843_Krause_handbook_ 2014.pdf