Seven insights for leading sustainable change in teaching and learning in Australian universities.

Lead Institution: Deakin University

Project: LE10-1727

Numerous change forces are currently impacting on Australian higher education leadership through technology, mass education, increased student diversity, sector growth, increased competition, changes to funding, changes in expectations and an increased focus on standards. This research was undertake...

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Institution(s):Deakin University. Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Queensland University of Technology
Murdoch University
Swinburne University of Technology
Main Author(s):Devlin, Marcia
Smeal, Georgia
Cummings, Rick
Mazzolini, Margaret
Published: [Deakin University, Higher Education Research Group] 2012
Online Access: /resources/LE10_1727_Devlin_Nagy_7Insights_2012.pdf