Finding common ground : enhancing interaction between domestic and international students : guide for academics.

Lead Institution: University of Melbourne

Project: CG8-725

Guide for academics in how to harness the potential of student diversity and in particular how university teaching can promote interaction between students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The guide was produced through a 2008-10 project exploring the benefits of, and obstacles to,...

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Institution(s):University of Melbourne. Centre for the Study of Higher Education
Victoria University
RMIT University
Main Author(s):Arkoudis, Sophie
Yu, Xin
Baik, Chi
Chang, Shanton
Lang, Ian
Watty, Kim
Borland, Helen
Pearce, Amande
Lang, Josephine
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2010
Online Access: /resources/FindingCommonGround Guide for Academics 2010.pdf