Appendix C : quality performance indicators : from Double degrees : research pathways, enabling cross disciplinarity and enhancing international competitiveness.

Lead Institution: University of Technology, Sydney

Project: CG9-1000

The existing structures of the studied dual degrees enable students to complete two degrees, which would separately take seven years to complete, in five to five and a half years. This is an appendix from the final report of a project that examined the documented rationale for the shortening of the...

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Institution(s):Curtin University
Queensland University of Technology
RMIT University
University of South Australia
University of Technology, Sydney
Main Author(s):Moulton, Bruce
Iyer, R. Mahalinga
Shortis, Mark
Vuthaluru, Hari B.
Xing, Ke
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) 2011
Online Access: /resources/CG9-1000 UTS Moulton Final Report Appendix C.pdf