Educating the net generation : implications for learning and teaching in Australian universities : final report.

Lead Institution: The University of Melbourne

Project: CG6-25

Final report from a project that sought to identify the implications of educating the 'Net Generation' for learning and teaching in Australian universities. The project was carried out at three institutions (The University of Melbourne, the University of Wollongong and Charles Sturt Univer...

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Institution(s):University of Melbourne
Charles Sturt University
University of Wollongong
University of Sydney
Griffith University
Main Author(s):Bennett, Sue
Bishop, Andrea
Chang, Rosemary
Dalgarno, Barney
Gray, Kathleen
Judd, Terry
Kennedy, Gregor
Krause, Kerri-Lee
Maton, Karl
Waycott, Jenny
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2009
Online Access: /resources/CG6-25_Melbourne_Kennedy_Final Report_July09_v2_0.pdf