Case studies to enhance student evaluation : 2015 University of Western Australia : a journey towards greater engagement through closing-the-loop.

Lead Institution: Bond University

Project: SD13-3308

Online student evaluation systems are an opportunity for student engagement and learning improvement. However, they are currently limited by low response rates. Educators tend not to trust them and students describe the activity of filling in multiple surveys as futile. Student feedback processes ha...

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Institution(s):Bond University
Australian Catholic University
Central Queensland University
Charles Sturt University
Curtin University
University of Western Australia
Main Author(s):Kinash, Shelley
Naidu, Vishen
Santhanam, Elizabeth
Fleming, Julie
Tulloch, Marian
Tucker, Beatrice
Sid Nair, Chenicheri
Judd, Madelaine-Marie
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2015
Online Access: /resources/SD13_3308_kinash_casestudy_uwa_0.pdf