Capstone Experiences Principles and Commentary : Curriculum Renewal in Legal Education.

Lead Institution: Queensland University of Technology

Project: PP9-1374

There are 32 law schools in Australia and more than 20,000 law students (DEEWR, 2008). This is a booklet produced from a project that focused on curriculum renewal of the final year of legal education and transition to professional practice. Project outcomes included: (1) articulated curriculum desi...

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Institution(s):Queensland University of Technology
Griffith University
University of Western Australia
Main Author(s):Kift, Sally
Butler, Des
Field, Rachael
McNamara, Judith
Brown, Catherine
Treloar, Cheryl
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2013
Online Access: /resources/PP9-1374_Kift_Booklet_2013_1.pdf