Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Project Extension : Final Report.

Lead Institution: Murdoch University

Project: SP12-2335

A considerable amount of research has been undertaken and published recently on what constitutes excellent teaching in higher education. However, this has not been synthesised or developed into a coherent framework. This report documents the outcomes of the Australian University Teaching Criteria an...

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Institution(s):Murdoch University
University of Western Australia
University of Notre Dame
Edith Cowan University
Main Author(s):Chalmers, Denise
Cummings, Rick
Elliott, Sofia
Stoney, Sue
Tucker, Beatrice
Wicking, Rachel
Jorre de St Jorre, Trina
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2015
Online Access: /resources/SP12_2335_Cummings_report_2015.pdf