Opening real science : Authentic mathematics and science education for Australia : final report.

Lead Institution: Macquarie University

Project: MS13-3169

This is the final report from the Opening Real Science project, a unique national collaboration between leading teacher educators, scientists, mathematicians and ICT experts to bring real, relevant science into Australia's classrooms. By engaging pre- and in-service teachers with real science,...

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Institution(s):Macquarie University
Australian Catholic University
Charles Sturt University
Edith Cowan University
University of Canberra
University of Notre Dame
Western Sydney University
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Australian Astronomical Observatory
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network
Main Author(s):Mulligan, Joanne
Cavanagh, Michael
Geiger, Vince
Hedberg, John
Pask, Helen
Rylands, Leanne
Wood, Leigh
Published: Dept of Education and Training Australia 2017
Online Access: /resources/MS13_3169_Report.docx