Guiding assessment for learning in Indigenous health at level 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework : a capability approach to assessment for Indigenous health education.

Lead Institution: The University of Melbourne

Project: ID14-3976

There is a worldwide move towards specifying learning outcomes to achieve higher education learning standards. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is an example of this trend. Educators have autonomy to design curricula and develop assessment tasks, however they require a sophisticated und...

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Institution(s):University of Melbourne
Flinders University
University of Sydney
University of Queensland
University of Auckland
Main Author(s):Delany, Clare
Ewen, Shaun
Doughney, Lachlan
Bandler, Lilon
Harms, Louise
Remedios, Louisa
Nicholson, Patricia
Andrews, Shawana
Kosta, Lauren
McCullough, Michael
Edmondson, Wendy
Reid, Papaarangi
Published: Australia, Dept of Education and Training 2017
Online Access: /resources/ID14-3976_MELB_Delany_Capability_Approach_Resource_document_to_Final_Report_2017.pdf