Enhancing workplace learning through mobile technology : final report.

Lead Institution: Charles Sturt University

Project: ID14-3535

Within the Australian university context, workplace learning (WPL) and technology-mediated learning have become major priorities. Both are fast changing practices providing new possibilities and challenges to conceptualising WPL programs. This is the final report from a project that explored how stu...

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Institution(s):Charles Sturt University
University of Sydney
Deakin University
Western Sydney University
Main Author(s):Trede, Franziska
Goodyear, Peter
Macfarlane, Susie
Markauskaite, Lina
Tayebjee, Freny
Published: Australia, Dept of Education and Training 2017
Online Access: /resources/ID14-3535_CSU_Trede_FinalReport_August_2017.pdf