Indigenous online cultural teaching and sharing : Kinship Project.

Lead Institution: The University of Sydney

Project: ID11-1940

Report from the Kinship Project that developed an online teaching and learning tool incorporating narratives from Aboriginal community, Elders, students and staff into an online workshop for the purpose of cross-cultural learning. It was achieved through the development of online module. The module...

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Institution(s):University of Sydney
Edith Cowan University
University of New South Wales
Aboriginal Education Council New South Wales Inc
Main Author(s):Mooney, Janet
Riley, Lynette
Howard-Wagner, Deirdre
Mooney, Janet
Riley, Lynette
Baker, Beverly
Kutay, Cat
Sim, Moira
Wain, Toni
Published: Australian Department of Education and Training 2017
Online Access: /resources/ID11-1940_Mooney_Report_2017.pdf