Is Participation in Technology-enhanced Model United Nations Conferences the Employability Skills Solution for Learners? Final Report.

Lead Institution: Bond University

Project: SD14-4405

Final report from a project which explored Model United Nations Conferences as an employability skills solution for Learners. SHOC is a simulation program, created by the project team, which illustrates the rate and spread of an infectious disease pandemic. The project team proposed that participati...

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Institution(s):Bond University
Griffith University
University of Queensland
Main Author(s):Dinnen, Mark
Judd, Madelaine-Marie
Lingham, Nicole
Carter, Matthew
Mau, Vandy
Bellamy, Alex
Trood, Russell
Kinash, Shelley
Richardson, Brittany
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2016
Online Access: /resources/SD14_4405_Dinnen_Report_2016.pdf