Flipped learning : lessons learnt and good practice for large first year health sciences classes.

Lead Institution: Curtin University

Project: SD13-3336

This project investigated the effects of flipped learning pedagogy in two units in the Interprofessional first year in Health Sciences at Curtin University. It developed, implemented and evaluated learning activities specifically designed using a flipped pedagogical model and will design, provide an...

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Institution(s):Curtin University
Main Author(s):Fyfe, Sue
Fyfe, Georgina
Harris, Courtenay
Ciccarelli, Marina
Liddiard, Mark
Lord, Linley
Lambros, Amanda
Flavell, Helen
O'Callaghan, Annalise
Naheed, Rakhshanda
Clark, Karin
Broughton, Michelle
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2016
Online Access: /resources/SD13_3336_Fyfe_Report_2016.pdf