Work-Based Assessment of Teamwork : An Interprofessional Approach : Final Report.

Lead Institution: The University of Queensland

Project: ID12-2193

Final report from a project that addressed the nationally recognized need to develop and deliver a robust package of work-based assessment (WBA) tools for health professional students in diverse clinical settings as a means of testing their teamwork competencies and interprofessional collaboration i...

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Institution(s):University of Queensland
University of Technology, Sydney
University of British Columbia
University of Derby
Curtin University
Central Queensland University
University of Sydney
Main Author(s):Thistlethwaite, Jill
Dallest, Kathy
Bainbridge, Lesley
Bogossian, Fiona
Boud, David
Dunston, Roger
Drynan, Donna
Eley, Diann
Forman, Dawn
Fyfe, Sue
Moran, Monica
Roberts, Christopher
Strong, Jenny
Dickie, Robyn
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2015
Online Access: /resources/ID12_2193_Thistlethwaite_report_2015_0.pdf