Academic Integrity in Australia : Understanding and Changing Culture and Practice : Final Report.

Lead Institution: Macquarie University

Project: SP12-2296

Final report from a project that developed best practice guidelines and resources to strengthen and enhance resources already developed in the higher education sector to deter academic dishonesty and promotion of ethical communities in universities. The universities involved were Macquarie Universit...

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Institution(s):Macquarie University
Main Author(s):Nayak, Abhaya C.
Richards, Deborah
Homewood, Judi
Taylor, Meredith
Saddiqui, Sonia
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2015
Online Access: /resources/SP12-2296_Nayak_Final_Report _2015.doc
/resources/SP12-2296_Nayak_Final_Report _2015_0.pdf
/resources/SP12-2296_Nayak_Appendices _2015.doc
/resources/SP12-2296_Nayak_Appendices _2015_1.pdf