A guide to supervision in social work field education.

Lead Institution: Charles Sturt University

Project: CG7-491

This paper explores the theory and practice of supervising Australian social work students during their field education placement. It investigates: the nature of social work field education; standards and roles in social work programs; and phases of student supervision. The third section covers a nu...

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Institution(s):University of Newcastle
Charles Sturt University
New South Wales. Dept of Human Services
New South Wales. Dept of Community Services
University of Sydney
Flinders University
Victoria University
University of Western Sydney
Australian Catholic University
Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
Main Author(s):Agllias, Kylie
Bowles, Wendy
Cassano, Bettina
Collingridge, Mike
Dawood, Al
Irwin, Jude
Lukic, Milka
Maywald, Sue
McKinnon, Jenny
Noble, Carolyn
O'Sullivan, Justine
Wexler, Jane
Zubrzycki, Joanna
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) 2010
Online Access: /resources/CG7-491 CSU Bowles Guide to supervision 2010_0.pdf