Creating Student-Focussed, Web-Learning Resources to Support the Development of and Provide Evidence of Occupational Therapy Students' Graduating Competencies : Final Report.

Lead Institution: The University of Newcastle

Project: PP10-1774

In 2010, a revised set of National Australian Competencies for occupational therapists was published by Occupational Therapy (OT) Australia. In 2012, OT will become a nationally-registered profession in Australia. Students, at graduation, and academic programs will be required to provide evidence th...

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Institution(s):University of Newcastle
La Trobe University
James Cook University
Charles Sturt University
University of Western Sydney
Main Author(s):Ryan, Susan
Studdert, Catherine
Hills, Caroline
Sijpkes, Paul
McKinstry, Carol
Yau, Matthew
Curtin, Michael
Zakzrewski, Lee
Nguyen, Kim
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2013
Online Access: /resources/PP10_1774_Ryan_Report_2013.pdf