Development of a Computer-generated Digital Patient for Teaching and Assessment in Pharmacy : Final Report.

Lead Institution: The University of Newcastle

Project: CG7-431

Communication skills are essential for pharmacists as they must get a good oral history to manage minor illnesses. Much time is devoted to these skills in pharmacy courses, but there are limited opportunities for students to practice and get feedback. This is the final report from a project that dev...

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Institution(s):University of Newcastle
Charles Sturt University
Monash University
Main Author(s):Newby, David
Jin, Jesse
Summons, Peter
Athauda, Rukshan
Park, Mira
Schneider, Jennifer
Kable, Sheree
Marriott, Jennifer
Duncan, Gregory
Simpson, Maree
Xu, Richard
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2011
Online Access: /resources/CG7-431 Newby Newcastle final report 2011.pdf