Developing Engaging, Effective and Enlightening Practical Experiments in Geotechnical Engineering : Final Report.

Lead Institution: The University of Adelaide

Project: ID11-1958

The study of soils is fundamental to a civil engineer's education and examining how soil behaves under various conditions in the laboratory is paramount to a sound understanding of geotechnical engineering. Measuring soil behaviour is, however, a tedious process and, almost universally, student...

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Institution(s):University of Adelaide
University of Sydney
University of Melbourne
Monash University
Curtin University
Main Author(s):Jaksa, Mark
Airey, David
Kodikara, Jayantha
Shahin, Mohamed
Yuen, Sam
Kuo, Yien Lik
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2015
Online Access: /resources/ID11_1958_Jaksa_ Report_2015.pdf