New Technologies, New Pedagogies : Using Mobile Technologies to Develop New Ways of Teaching and Learning : Final Report.

Lead Institution: University of Wollongong

Project: CG6-33

Final report from a project that took an innovative approach to creating authentic pedagogies for using mobile devices in learning (m-learning), and an action learning approach to the professional development of its 19 participants (teachers, IT and professional development personnel) in an educatio...

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Institution(s):University of Wollongong
Main Author(s):Herrington, Jan
Herrington, Anthony
Mantei, Jessica
Olney, Ian
Ferry, Brian
Lefoe, Geraldine
Wright, Rob
Brickell, Gwyn
Brown, Ian
Chinnappan, Mohan
Forrest, Greg
Hoban, Garry
Kervin, Lisa
Verenikina, Irina
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) 2009
Online Access: /resources/grants_cg_project_newtechnologies_uow_feb09.pdf