Educating the net generation : a handbook of findings for practice and policy.

Lead Institution: The University of Melbourne

Project: CG6-25

This book explores the notion of the Net Generation in higher education to gain a better understanding of students? and teachers? current technological experiences and preferences and issues associated with the implementation of emerging technologies in local learning and teaching contexts. The impl...

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Institution(s):University of Melbourne
Charles Sturt University
University of Wollongong
University of Sydney
Griffith University
Main Author(s):Gray, Kathleen
Kennedy, Gregor
Waycott, Jenny
Dalgarno, Barney
Bennett, Sue
Chang, Rosemary
Judd, Terry
Bishop, Andrea
Maton, Karl
Krause, Kerri-Lee
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2008
Online Access: /resources/CG6-25_Melbourne_Kennedy_Handbook_July09_0.pdf