Student and Staff Expectations and Experiences : final report of the project, A Collaborative Multi-Faceted Approach to Address the Gaps Between Student Expectation and Experience at University.

Lead Institution: The University of Adelaide

Project: CG9-1158

Addressing the mismatch between students' expectations of university, and their experiences once they commence, has important ramifications for student satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. By bringing together three participating universities and a number of SA secondary schools, this proje...

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Institution(s):University of Adelaide
Flinders University
University of South Australia
James Cook University
Main Author(s):Brinkworth, Russell
McCann, Ben
Burke da Silva, Karen
King, Sharron
Luzeckyj, Ann
McCann, Jacqui
Palmer, Edward
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2014
Online Access: /resources/CG9-1158_Brinkworth_report_2013.pdf