Understanding academic staff beliefs about graduate attributes : final report.

Lead Institution: RMIT University

Project: GI7-638

Report of a project that was aimed at better understanding the beliefs academic staff hold about graduate attributes. It explored their importance for different disciplines; how relevant and important academic staff believed graduate attributes were, by whom and how they thought graduate attributes...

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Institution(s):RMIT University. College of Design and Social Context
University of New South Wales. Learning and Teaching Unit
Murdoch University
Murdoch University. School of Business
Main Author(s):Radloff, Alex
de la Harpe, Barbara
Scoufis, Michelle
Dalton, Helen
Thomas, Jan
Lawson, Anne
David, Christina
Girardi, Antonia
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2009
Online Access: http://www.olt.gov.au/system/files/GI7-638 RMIT delaHarpe BFactor graduate attributes 2009.pdf