The academic's and policy-maker's guides to the teaching research nexus : a suite of resources for enhancing reflective practice : final project report.

Lead Institution: The University of Melbourne

Project: CG6-35

This report outlines the findings from the two year national project on the teaching-research nexus (TRN). The team comprised Professor Kerri-Lee Krause (project leader), Dr Sophie Arkoudis, Professor Richard James, Ms Ros McCulloch, Ms Claire Jennings and Dr Alison Green. Project outcomes are based...

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Institution(s):University of Melbourne
Griffith University
Queensland University of Technology
Main Author(s):Krause, Kerri-Lee
Arkoudis, Sophie
James, Richard
McCulloch, Ros
Jennings, Claire
Green, Alison
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2008
Online Access: /resources/grants_competitive_project_report_trnexus_dec08_0.pdf