Designing a Diverse, Future-Oriented Vision for Undergraduate Psychology in Australia : Final Investigation Report.

Lead Institution: The University of New South Wales

Project: DS6-603

Final report from an investigation that provided a collaborative framework for the development and articulation of graduate attributes for psychology; research and application of evidence- based teaching in psychology; and the creation of a diverse, future-oriented vision for undergraduate psycholog...

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Institution(s):University of New South Wales
Southern Cross University
University of the Sunshine Coast
University of Tasmania
University of Sydney
Edith Cowan University
Main Author(s):Cranney, Jacquelyn
Provost, Stephen
Katsikitis, Mary
Martin, Frances
White, Fiona
Cohen, Lynne
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) 2008
Online Access: /resources/grants_project_psychology_report_aug08.pdf