Business as Usual : A Collaborative and Inclusive Investigation of Existing Resources, Strengths, Gaps and Challenges to be Addressed for Sustainability in Teaching and Learning in Australian University Business Faculties : Final Report.

Lead Institution: The University of Sydney

Project: DS6-604

Final report from a scoping study that is a collaborative and inclusive investigation of existing resources, strengths, gaps and challenges to be addressed in order to secure sustainable, effective teaching and learning in business faculties at Australian universities. It was conducted by the Austra...

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Institution(s):University of Sydney
University of Western Australia
University of New South Wales
University of Tasmania
Queensland University of Technology
Macquarie University
Main Author(s):Freeman, Mark
Hancock, Phil
Simpson, Lyn
Sykes, Chris
Petocz, Peter
Densten, Iain
Gibson, Kathy
Published: Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 2008
Online Access: /resources/Grants_DBI_ABDC Freeman Business Final Report_March27_2008.pdf