CG623 teaching and assessment of meta-attributes in engineering : identifying, developing and disseminating good practice (EMAP) : final report.

Lead Institution: University of Tasmania

Project: CG6-23

Final report from the Engineering Meta-Attributes Project CG623 (EMAP). This project investigated and disseminated good practice in teaching and assessing graduate attributes in engineering courses. In particular it focused on and investigated: In-depth understanding of student perspectives on the t...

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Institution(s):University of Tasmania
University of Queensland
University of Sydney
University of Wollongong
University of Melbourne
Purdue University
Engineers Australia
Main Author(s):Carew, Anna L.
Therese, Sandrine
Barrie, Simon
Bradley, Alan
Cooper, Paul
Currie, John
Hadgraft, Roger
McCarthy, Timothy
Nightingale, Sharon
Radcliffe, David
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2009
Online Access: /resources/CG623_UoW_Carew_Final Report_new.pdf