Relationships are Key : Building Intercultural Capabilities for Indigenous Postgraduate Coursework Students and their Teachers : Final Report of the Project Keeping on Track: Teacher Leaders for Indigenous Postgraduate Coursework Students.

Lead Institution: Australian Catholic University

Project: LE10-1608

In 2008 there were 1527 Indigenous postgraduate students across Australian universities out of a total enrolment of 278,323. This represents approximately 0.54% (DEEWR, 2010) - a clear shortfall against the accepted benchmark of around 3% (IHEAC, 2007). Undoubtedly more needs to be done to recruit I...

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Institution(s):Australian Catholic University
James Cook University
Main Author(s):Nobin, Ken
Frawley, Jack
Jackson, Trina
McGinty, Sue
Watkin-Lui, Felecia
White, Nereda
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2013
Online Access:LE10_1608_ Frawley_Report_2013.pdf