List of The Dumping Ground characters

Faith Davis is a resident of Elm Tree House and Ashdene Ridge during the first two series of ''The Dumping Ground''. She is portrayed by Leanne Dunstan. Faith, who shares a room with Elektra while at Elmtree House, is one of the elder children who tries to be responsible, and proves her capabilities and maturity when she acts as a surrogate careworker in the opening episode of ''The Dumping Ground''. She is 16 in series two.

In ''The Real Faith Davis'' the police call and the young people suspect something is wrong. All of them start spreading rumours about her being a drug dealer, until Faith tells them the truth. She reveals that the police might have found the body of her brother, Razz, who had been missing. Frank uses this as a way to get more sponsors for her charity run. Faith is disgusted and tells Elektra that she was put in care because she told a teacher that she lived alone, which resulted in them calling social services. The police tell her that the body was not a match; she hides in the garden and finds Floss who helps her gain some composure. The next day she completes her charity run with everyone supporting her. In the second series of ''The Dumping Ground'', after Faith is hit by a car, she is temporarily in a wheelchair, and becomes increasingly negative. This is unlike Faith, as she's very optimistic and ambitious most of the time, but feeling like she was stuck in the wheelchair made her think she'd never run or walk again. She becomes mean and aggressive towards the younger kids mainly, making Harry and Floss to clean her room for a "prize" and ordering them about. She ends up teasing Harry, treating him like a baby. When Faith wants to watch a movie, but Mo, Floss and Harry were already watching something, she tells them to get lost and Mo tells her that she's become really mean, and that he's going to tell Mike. That causes Faith to call Mo a grass. Frank witnesses this and when Faith starts to order Frank about, Frank gives her a piece of his mind by telling her that she's not useless, she's in a wheelchair and she will get better. He then goes on to tell her that he has to talk really slow every day of his life so people can understand him. This changes Faith's recent behaviour and she goes back to her caring and friendly self, but she does have a few snappy and mean moments in later episodes.

Faith is one of the older residents and is tall for her age, with long black hair. She wants to be a distance runner when she grows up, but a car crash incident in "Booting Up" temporarily halts her plans. She left the series following the conclusion to the second series of ''The Dumping Ground''. As of the third series and for one episode, Dunstan returned as Faith. In series 5, Faith does not appear. However, in #SaveTheDG, Tee mentions that Faith made a £50 donation to help keep the 'Dumping Ground' running. Provided by Wikipedia
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