National research on the postgraduate student experience : case presentation : volume 1 : first year postgraduate student experience.

Lead Institution: Bond University

Project: SP14-4599

This is volume one of a set of case studies that explore the postgraduate student experience. The theme of this case study is first year postgraduate student experience and is based on experiences derived from student engagement breakfasts, interviews, and focus groups with 366 people across the sta...

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Institution(s):Bond University
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Victoria University
University of Southern Queensland
Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations
Main Author(s):Kinash, Shelley
Crane, Linda
Bannatyne, Amy
Judd, Madelaine-Marie
Stark, Ashley
Eckersley, Bill
Hamlin, Gary
Partridge, Helen
Udas, Ken
Pubblicazione: Office of Learning and Teaching 2016
Accesso online: /resources/SP14_4599_Kinash_CaseStudy1_2016.pdf