Research supervision of international students in engineering and information technology disciplines : exploring key factors to ensure postgraduate research success.

Lead Institution: Queensland University of Technology

Project: PP10-1771

There is increasing enrolment of international students in the engineering and information technology disciplines and anecdotal evidence of a need for additional understanding and support for these students and their supervisors due to differences both in academic and social cultures. This is a repo...

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Institution(s):Queensland University of Technology
Curtin University
Queensland University of Technology
Main Author(s):Yarlagadda, Prasad
Woodman, Karen
Taji, Acram
Sahama, Tony
Silva, Pujitha
Trevelyan, James
Sharda, Hema
Samani, Shamim
Lucey, Anthony
Narayanaswamy, Ramesh
Published: Office for Learning and Teaching 2013
Online Access: /resources/PP10-1771_Yarlagadda_resources_2013.pdf