A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Language Support for First Year Students in the Science Disciplines : Final Report.

Lead Institution: University of Canberra

Project: CG7-441

Final report from a project that addressed the language needs of a diverse student body by investigating and testing strategic approaches to learning and teaching in first year sciences. It was concerned with the acquisition of language specific to science and the implicit teaching of meta-cognitive...

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Bibliografische gegevens
Institution(s):University of Canberra
University of Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Tasmania
University of Newcastle
Main Author(s):Zhang, Felicia
Lidbury, Brett
Schulte, Jurgen
Bridgeman, Adam
Yates, Brian
Rodger, John
Gepubliceerd in: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) 2011
Online toegang: /resources/CG7_441_UC_Zhang_Report_2011.pdf