The whole of university experience : retention, attrition, learning and personal support interventions during undergraduate business studies : final report 2011.

Lead Institution: University of the Sunshine Coast

Project: CG7-395

This paper examined factors underpinning attrition in the first, second and third year of a business degree at six Australian universities Griffith University, Monash University, Murdoch University, University of South Australia, University of Southern Queensland, and University of the Sunshine Coas...

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Institution(s):University of the Sunshine Coast
Griffith University
Monash University
Murdoch University
University of South Australia
University of Southern Queensland
Main Author(s):Willcoxson, Lesley
Manning, Mark
Wynder, Monte
Hibbins, Ray
Joy, Sally
Thomas, Jan
Girardi, Antonia
Leask, Betty
Sidoryn, Tristana
Cotter, Julie
Kavanagh, Marie
Troedson, David
Lynch, Bernadette
Published: Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) 2011
Online Access: /resources/CG7-395 USC Wilcoxson Final Report_FINAL VERSION.pdf

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