David Lowe

David Lowe may refer to: *David Lowe (video game composer), English composer known for his work on 8-bit and 16-bit computer games *David Lowe (television and radio composer) (born 1959), English composer focusing primarily on music for television *David Lowe (actor) (born 1955), English film director, actor, composer and scientist *David Lowe (producer) (1913–1965), American television producer *David Lowe (footballer) (born 1965), English professional football player *David G. Lowe, Canadian professor of computer science *David Lowe (swimmer) (born 1960), English butterfly and freestyle swimmer *David Perley Lowe (1823–1882), U.S. Representative from Kansas *David Lowe (cricketer) (born 1979), former English cricketer *David Lowe (socialist) (1867–1947), Scottish socialist activist *David Lowe (winemaker) (born 1958), Australian winemaker *David Fowler Lowe (1843–1924), headmaster of George Heriot's School *David Nicoll Lowe (1909–1999), secretary of the Carnegie Trust, 1954–1970 *Sir David Lowe (horticulturalist) (1899–1980), Scottish horticulturalist and businessman *David Lowe (historian) (born 1964), Australian historian and biographer *Dave Lowe (atmospheric scientist) (born 1946), New Zealand atmospheric scientist *David Lowe (sport shooter), British sports shooter Provided by Wikipedia
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