Richard James

Richard James may refer to:

* Richard T. James (1918–1974), American naval engineer, inventor of the Slinky * Richard D. James (musician), real name of British electronic musician and composer, also known for his projects Aphex Twin and The Tuss * Richard D. James (scientist) (born 1952), American mechanician and materials scientist at the University of Minnesota * Richard James (Oklahoma politician) (1926–2013), American politician * Richard James (aviator) (1911–1989), set the junior transcontinental air speed record in 1928 * Richard James (musician) (born 1975), Welsh musician * Richard James (scholar) (1592–1638), British man of letters * Richard James (Australian sprinter) (born 1956), Australian sprinter * Richard James (pagan), founder of Odyssean Wicca * Richard James (tailor), British tailor and menswear company * Richard T. James (politician) (1910–1965), Lieutenant Governor of Indiana * Richard James Simpson (born 1967), American musician, formerly Richard James * Richard James (murderer) (1957–1975), Singaporean and one of the robbers cum murderers of the Gold Bars triple murders Provided by Wikipedia
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