Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter in 2018 Matthew Carter (born 1 October 1937) is a British type designer. A 2005 ''New Yorker'' profile described him as 'the most widely read man in the world' by considering the amount of text set in his commonly used fonts.

Carter's career began in the early 1960s and has bridged all three major technologies used in type design: physical type, phototypesetting and digital font design, as well as the design of custom lettering.

Carter's most used fonts are the classic web fonts Verdana and Georgia and the Windows interface font Tahoma, as well as other designs including Bell Centennial, Miller and Galliard. He is the son of the English historian of printing Harry Carter (1901–1982) and cofounded Bitstream, one of the first major retailers of digital fonts. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Provided by Wikipedia
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